planned parenthood of new york city

illustrations for planned parenthood’s education and outreach team, made into 4’x4’ vinyl stickers for educational use. light-weight, water-proof, removable, and inexpensive to produce, these stickers allow educators and advocates to travel city-wide, broadening the reach of planned parenthood’s health and wellness programs. they may be attached to the floors, walls, or windows of public spaces and schools. to ensure planned parenthood reaches their diversified audience, each illustration has been carefully developed for all age groups, 11+.

students, ages 1114
puberty, body hair, and self-care.

students, ages 14+
gender expression, fluidity, and self-presentation.

planned parenthood educator: what might the mustache symbolize to you?  

PPNYC_Tampon Sticker.png
PPNYC_Mustache Sticker.png