the unsympathetic social climate of the New York city subway: 
Commuters don't always take care of one other!
for some riders, it is especially difficult to access a seat, space, or assistance.

target issues

generate empathy among commuters.
advocate for under-served commuters: pregnant women, children, the elderly, the disabled.
democratize access to a seat, space, or assistance.



Is there potential for behavioral change on the subway? 
what visual system can be implemented as an agent of change? 
how can commuter interest and engagement be generated?
how can underserved commuters be helped (and not stigmatized)? 


companion: A third–party, subscription advocacy service that supports and represents commuters who need secure and specific accommodations during travel. 


companion box:

qualifying commuters receive a comprehensive resource kit to help them secure a seat, space, or assistance from other commuters. 

print advertising:

in-subway advertisements serve to educate commuters about companion's visual system and services.

website & app:

informs commuters about companion services and offers access to program resources.